This catchy "ear-worm" of a tune was originally released by the Simon Park Orchestra in 1972, though it is based on the tunes of German and Dutch nursery rhymes, and the first line is inspired by an aria from Mozart's "Marriage of Figaro". The version now familiar to us was composed by the Dutchman Jan Stoeckart, who used the English pseudonym Jack Trombey.

It was selected as the theme tune for the British (although set in Amsterdam) TV crime drama "Van der Valk", starring Barry Foster, which ran sporadically from the 1970s to the 1990s, and was based, though in common with many such TV shows, at times rather loosely, on the novels of Nicholas Freeling.

When it was released as a single, the B side of the record comprised the theme tune to the courtroom drama "Crown Court".

It has also had words put to it, and been recorded as "And You Smiled" by Matt Monroe. Not surprisingly, as interesting aural shorthand for all things Dutch, it has also been used in commercials for the airline KLM and Oranjeboom lager!

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