The University of Toulouse ('Université de Toulouse') was established in 1229 as part of the Treaty of Paris. The formation of 'l'Université de Toulouse' was imposed on Count Raymond VII as a part of the Treaty of Paris in 1229. As he was suspected of sympathizing with the heretics, Raymond VII had to finance the teaching of theology. Eventually, faculties of medicine & law were included in the university’s learning program.

In 1969, the University of Toulouse divided into three distinct institutions, eventually becoming a consortium of research and higher education establishments. Today, over 100,000 students are enrolled at the university, including more than 11,000 international students.

The current consortium of French universities, 'grandes écoles' and other institutions of higher education and research in Toulouse and the surrounding region is known as 'Université fédérale de Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées' is the fifth-largest university area in France.

The Doctoral Schools are all members of the Research and Doctoral Department of the 'Université de Toulouse' including 15 Doctoral Schools representing a research potential of 4200 Scientists including 2400 Senior Scientists; 4200 PhD students and 800 Doctorate diplomas awarded per year, as of 2019. Many notable figures have either attended or worked at this institution through history.

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