Metropolis (1927) is a stylized, visually-compelling, melodramatic silent film set in the dystopic, 21st century city of Metropolis - a dialectical treatise on man vs. machine and class struggle. Austrian director Fritz Lang's German Expressionistic masterpiece helped to develop the science-fiction genre, with innovative imagery from cinematographer Karl Freund, art design by Otto Hunte, Erich Kettelhut, and Karl Vollbrecht, and set design by Edgar Ulmer. It was the last of Lang's silent films. Among Lang's later US films were Fury (1936) with Spencer Tracy, an indictment of lynch mobs, You Only Live Once (1937), Scarlet Street (1945), Rancho Notorious (1952), the great film noir The Big Heat (1953), and Beyond a Reasonable Doubt (1956).

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