Eugene Hugh Beaumont was an actor born in Kansas.

Beaumont began his career in show business in 1931 by performing in theaters, nightclubs, and radio. He began acting in motion pictures in 1940, appearing in over three dozen films. Many of those roles were bit parts and minor roles and were not credited. He often worked with the actor William Bendix. In 1946–47, Beaumont starred in five films as the private detective Michael Shayne, taking over the role from Lloyd Nolan. In 1950 he also narrated the short film A Date with Your Family.

He is still always associated with his portrayal of Ward Cleaver, an upstanding citizen, father and the main character of the TV-show Leave It to Beaver (1957–1963). Eugene was an ordained minister and also a preacher of the Methodist church. Beaumont quit show business in the end of the 1960s to become a Minnesotan farmer.

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