George McFarland

His face as a young boy shaped and stood as the symbol for an American comedy series that began over five years before he was born. He became the first "big" star of the entire series over that of his co-stars who starred in many more shorts than him. When one mentions Our Gang or The Little Rascals, it is his adventures as Spanky with his pal Alfalfa that most often come to mind. Just how did this cherubic boy from the city built around J.R. Ewing (Dallas TX.) become the favored icon of a much loved American comedy film series out of over two hundred child actors?

George "Spanky" McFarland's final role was a cameo on 'Cheers.'

At the beginning of the episode "Woody Gets an Election," Cliff and Norm spot McFarland drinking alone at the bar. McFarland would die months later in the summer of 1993. He is just one of two Rascals to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, along with Jackie Cooper, who went on to play Perry White in 1978's Superman.

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