Stephen L. "Steve" Reeves (January 21, 1926 – May 1, 2000) was a well-known American professional bodybuilder, actor, and philanthropist. He became the highest-paid actor in Europe, which marked the peak of Stephen's career.

Reeves left for Italy in 1957 to play Hercules in Pietro Francisci's 1958 film. That was a low-budget epic, which, anyway, was quite successful at the box-office, grossing 5 million dollars in the USA in 1959. Reeves played Hercules twice, appearing in this role again in the 1959 sequel. By 1960, Reeves was ranked as the number-one, box-office draw in twenty-five countries around the world. Hercules' role remains the best known Reeves' work, though he worked for a number of other epics and scandal films.

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