The man who played the shy science teacher on the 1950s sitcom "Mister Peepers" was Wally Cox. He appeared in the US television series "Mister Peepers" from 1952 to 1955 as Robinson J. Peepers. He was made to appear as a meek and nerdly scientist but in his real-life from the show, he was quite athletic, as well as a military veteran. He became a household name because of the show..

Born Wallace Maynard Cox (December 1924 – February 1973), he was known as Wally Cox. He started his life as a child in Detroit, MI. His family would move frequently. He eventually spent time in Chicago, then New York City, then back to Detroit, where he graduated from Denby High School.

Cox began his professional career as a comic performer at nightclubs before he got a role in a Broadway play at the age of 26. Shortly afterwards, he began appearing on radio and television shows. His small stature, tiny frame, and high-pitched voice made him an ideal choice for comic roles.

At age 28, he became a household name after playing the titular role on the TV show "Mister Peepers". He later appeared in other television productions and game shows. Apart from TV, he was also had character roles in around 20 big films. While his screen persona was that of a shy and timid man, he was known as an intellectual by close friends and loved reading. It was believed that he had a close friendship with actor and director Marlon Brando.

In February 1973, Cox died of a heart attack at home in Hollywood, CA.

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