Helen of Troy was the wife of King Menelaus when she was apparently abducted by Paris, Prince of Troy. His actions are basically considered the cause for the Trojan War. When Helen married Menelaus, she was still very young. Her subsequent involvement with Paris is now seen by some historians as either an abduction or a seduction where she willingly participated. Some of the key of the facts about Helen's actions and her actual abduction are considered ambiguous by famous Greek scholars.

The legends recounting Helen's fate in Troy are contradictory. Homer (an ancient Greek epic poet) depicts her as a wistful and sorrowful, figure. She came to regret her choice concerning Prince Paris and ultimately wanted to be reunited with Menelaus. Still, other accounts have a treacherous Helen who simulates Bacchic rites and rejoices in the slaughter that is brought by war.

Ultimately, Paris is killed in action. And in Homer's account, Helen is reunited with Menelaus, though other versions of the legend recount her ascending to Olympus instead.

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