Isaac Asimov was an outstanding American author. Despite working in terms of such a "frivolous" genre as science fiction, he was also known as a talented chemist and biologist! He even had a degree in these sciences and probably that was the main reason for his works to be so logical and exciting.

In addition to the knowledge of a learned man, he also possessed a bright talent of a writer. So some of his works are not of SF but also fantasy, humor and detective genres. Even in his SF works we sometimes see desperation that is so common to humanity while Isaac describes a robot's universe! It is unbelievable, but these very Worlds of Isaac Asimov are popular with millions of people all around the globe. His novels laid the foundation of the hard science fiction genre due to his ability to intrigue and dramatize. His most famous works are "Foundation", "Robot series", though there are many other famous works by him that should be read and honestly evaluated.