Phillis Wheatley is a well-known figure in the world's history of literature, as she became the first African American female poet to be published. She was born to be sold as a slave, so at the age of 7 she left her motherland (West Africa) and was transported to North America. In Boston, Massachusetts, Phillis was sold to John Wheatley, and the family started preparing her for becoming a good personal servant to John's wife. Phillis studied Greek and Latin, was interested in literature and poetry. Later she started writing poetry of her own.

The publication of her Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral (1773) made her famous not only in the American colonies, but in England as well. Influential figures and politics also praised her work, Phillis was even exchanging letters with some of them. Phillis still remains an important and respected person of African-American history and one of the greatest examples of a woman of character.

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