Abraham ("Abe") Michael Saperstein (1902 – 1966) was the founder and first coach of the Harlem Globetrotters. He founded it in Chicago, Illinois (1926) at the age of 24.

Before basketball and baseball were racially integrated, he was one of the main figures of these sports in 1920-50s.

Abe was a coach in the Chicago area in 1926, as well as a promoter and an agent. After he acquired the team, he would remain its owner until his death in 1966. The debut of his team was in Hinckley, Illinois in January 1927. By the way, later they adopted the name the Harlem Globetrotters to reflect the team's predominantly African American roster and the affluent culture of Harlem at the time.

P.S. Once the team was leading 112:5, but when they noticed the crowed was bored, they started fooling around to let the opposing team catch up to the Globetrotters.

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