168 people died in the Oklahoma City Bombing on the 19th of April, 1995. A truck bomb was detonated near the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. Another 600 people received injuries, from minor to heavy. The tragedy was an act of domestic terrorism, carried out by Timothy James McVeigh and Timothy McVeigh, his co-conspirator. Until the September 11 attacks, this bombing was considered the deadliest act of terrorism in the history of the US. Speaking about domestic terrorism, Oklahoma City Bombing remains the largest and most significant act of it.

Timothy McVeigh was a veteran of the Persian Gulf War. This man wanted a revenge against the federal government after the handling of the Waco siege, which ended in the deaths of 76 people. This event took place exactly 2 years before the Oklahoma Bombing. Timothy thought the destroying of the building would become the inspiration for a great revolt against the government, which he considered to be tyrannical. For his numerous crimes Timothy was convicted to death. He was executed in 2001, while his conspirator, mentioned above, earned a life in prison.

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