Dr. Rajendra Prasad (born December 3, 1884, Zeradei, India—died February 28, 1963, Patna) was an Indian politician, lawyer, and journalist. He was the first President of the Republic of India (1950–62) and was a comrade of Mahatma Gandhi early in the noncooperation movement for independence. Dr. Prasad was the president of the Indian National Congress in 1934, 1939, and 1947.

When India became a republic in 1950, Prasad was elected its first president by the Constituent Assembly. As president, Prasad established a tradition of non-partisanship and independence for the office-bearer and retired from Congress party politics. Although a ceremonial head of state, Prasad encouraged the development of education in India and advised the Nehru government on several occasions. In 1957, Prasad was re-elected to the presidency, becoming the only president to serve two full terms. Prasad stayed in office for the longest term of around 12 years.

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