Brian Jones decided to start his own band. To get started, Jones placed an advertisement in Jazz News on May 2, 1962. He invited musicians to audition for a new R&B group. Pianist Ian “Stu” Stewart was the first to respond. Then Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Dick Taylor (bass guitar), and Tony Chapman (drums) joined as well.

According to Richards, Jones named the band while on the phone trying to book a gig. When asked for a band name, Jones glanced down at a Muddy Waters LP, saw one of the tracks named “Rollin’ Stone Blues” and said, “Rollin’ Stones.”

The new band named Rollin’ Stones and led by Jones, played their first performance at the Marquee Club in London on July 12, 1962. The Rollin’ Stones soon secured a residency at the Crawdaddy Club, bringing in younger audiences who were looking for something new and exciting. This new sound had kids standing on the tables, rocking, dancing, and shouting to the sound of electric guitars with a provocative singer.

Bill Wyman (bass guitar, backing vocals) joined in December 1962, replacing Dick Taylor who went back to college. Wyman wasn’t their first choice, but he had an amplifier the band desired. Charlie Watts (drums) joined the following January, replacing Tony Chapman who left for another band.

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