Ryan and Tatum O'Neal starred together in the 1973 film 'Paper Moon' when Tatum was only 9 years old. Ryan plays a conman called Moses Pray, who meets Addie Loggins (Tatum) at her mother's funeral. Mistaking him for Addie's father, Moses agrees to drive Addie to her aunt's home in St. Joseph, Missouri. Tatum won several awards for her performance in 'Paper Moon', including an Academy Award, the David di Donatello Award, and the Golden Globe Award. Whilst Ryan received nominations, he did not win.

Ryan O'Neal (born 1940) estranged himself from his children for many years once they reached adulthood. Tatum (born 1963) admitted in her biography 'A Paper Life', her father physically and emotionally abused her due to his addiction to drugs. In 2009, Ryan infamously hit on Tatum, not recognizing her as his daughter

In June 2011, the father-daughter duo attempted to put aside their many differences on the reality show 'Ryan and Tatum: The O'Neals'. Unfortunately, the show ended with the pair vowing never to speak to one another again.

Ryan is remembered for his roles in films such as 'Love Story' (1970) and 'Fever Pitch'. Tatum has appeared in 'Little Darlings' (1980), 'Saving Grace B. Jones' (2008) and 'Not To Forget' (2021).

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