Yoshi is a cute, friendly, green dinosaur in the Super Mario series that made his debut in 1990's "Super Mario World" for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. For merely the past three decades, he has served as an ally alongside Mario and his cohorts in many Super Mario games, such as in the Mario Kart series and the Mario Party series, in which he is a popular choice to play as in the installments.

Speaking of popularity, Yoshi is also the star of his own spinoff games, such as "Yoshi's Woolly World" (2015) and "Yoshi's Crafted World" (2019), in which he can prominently show off his abilities such as flutter jumping, sticking his extended tongue out to eat his enemies and turn them into his signature, green, polka-dotted eggs.

Yoshi is also a species that can come in different colors such as red, yellow, or purple and they're also well known for saying their own name as if they were Pokémon. Their name is derived from the Japanese word "yoshi" (よし), meaning great.

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