Sarah Lucas (born 1962) is an English artist. She is part of the generation of Young British Artists who emerged during the 1990s. Her works frequently employ visual puns and bawdy humour, and include photography, collage and found objects.

Sarah Lucas’s portrayals of men and women have a strong sense of humour and they challenge sexual stereotypes and conventional morals. In ‘Self Portrait with Fried Eggs’, Sarah Lucas poses in a provocative position, looking back at the viewer with a confrontational stare. Two fried eggs have been placed over her breasts, acting as a crude parody of the female body. Lucas often explores the ways masculine and feminine qualities can co-exist in her self-portraits, questioning the gender stereotyping that exists in popular culture. The cigarettes in the lower left allude to a sense of recklessness and feature more prominently in Lucas’s iconic self-portrait ‘Fighting Fire with Fire’, also made in 1996.

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