Rōmulus and Rĕmus were the main characters of the Rome foundation myth. These two men were the twin brothers and abandoned children of Rhea Silvia, the daughter of the king of Alba Longa. They were raised and fed first by the forest animals, and a shepherd and his wife fostered them to manhood. When the brothers found out the truth about their origin, they decided not to wait to inherit Alba Longa. Their goal was to build a new city to rule.

While Rōmulus wanted to found the new city on the Palatine Hill, Rĕmus preferred the Aventine Hill. Brothers quarreled and Rĕmus was killed. The new city founded by Rōmulus was named Rome after him. Landless refugees became the first residents of Rome. Women from the neighboring lands, abducted by Rōmulus, later joined these unmarried men.

Rome became a dominant force, but Rōmulus himself became increasingly autocratic, and disappeared or died in mysterious circumstances. In later forms of the myth, he ascended to heaven and was identified with Quirinus, the divine personification of the Roman people.

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