Georgiana Emma Drew had been born in Philadelphia on 11th July 1856 as the youngest of three children born to an Irish born actor named John Drew (1827-1862) and an English born actress mother named Louisa Lane (1820-1897).

Her elder siblings John Jr and Louisa were all actors as was her adopted brother Sidney, who along with his first wife and then second upon the first's demise performed in a comedy duo called 'Mr. And Mrs. Sidney Drew'.

Georgiana married English actor Maurice Barrymore on December 31, 1876 and they would have three children all would become famous actors Lionel in 1879, Ethel in 1878 and John in 1882, their marriage however was rocky and Maurice soon began numerous affairs.

Georgiana even filed for divorce, but they reconciled soon afterwards.

Georgiana died on 2nd July 1893 aged just thirty six of consumption in Santa Barbara, California. Her thirteen year old daughter Ethel had been left to care for her dying Mother, Reportedly her last words were, "Oh my poor kids!, what shall ever become of them" which were related to her son John in the 1920s by an elderly woman who had been staying at the same boarding house in Santa Barbara as Georgie and Ethel.It was 13-year-old Ethel's responsibility to see that her mother's remains were returned to Philadelphia for burial by Mrs Drew and Maurice, who met Ethel's train in Chicago.

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