Art Garfunkel did not appear in the 1978 British film titled "Watership Down". It is an animated adventure-drama film, which was written, produced, and directed by Martin Rosen. It is based on the 1972 novel 'Watership Down' by Richard Adams. It was financed by a consortium of British financial institutions and was distributed by Cinema International Corporation in the UK. Released in October 1978, the film was an immediate success. It became the sixth-most popular film of 1979 at the UK box office.

"Watership Down" features the voices of John Hurt, Richard Briers, Harry Andrews, Simon Cadell, Nigel Hawthorne, and Roy Kinnear, among others. It was the last film work of Zero Mostel, as the voice of Kehaar the gull.

In the film, when a young rabbit named Fiver (Richard Briers) has a prophetic vision that the end of his warren is near, he persuades seven other rabbits to leave with him. They will search for a new home. Several obstacles impede their progress, including predators, a rat-filled cemetery, and a speeding river. At their final destination, a hill dubbed Watership Down, the rabbits find that their journey is still not over. They must deal with some emotional issues.

The soundtrack for the movie includes Art Garfunkel's British No. 1 hit, 'Bright Eyes', which was written by the British singer and songwriter Mike Batt. The composer (Batt) recorded three songs with vocals by Garfunkel, but only "Bright Eyes" made it to the film.

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