First broadcast on 25th December 2007, 'Voyage of the Damned' was a special Christmas episode of the British science-fiction programme 'Doctor Who'. Written by Russell T. Davies, the episode featured David Tennant as the Doctor and the Australian singer Kylie Minogue (born 1968) as Astrid Peth, a waitress aboard a starship replica of the RMS 'Titanic'. Davies wrote the part specifically for Minogue after the production team was approached by her creative director, William Baker, to ask if she could appear on the show.

The one-off episode tells the story of the alien businessman Max Capricorn's (George Costigan) revenge on his company after it votes him out. He sets the starship on a collision course with Earth, which would result in the death of those on board as well as many humans. What Capricorn did not expect was to collide with the 'TARDIS', the spaceship belonging to the Doctor, who decides to stay on the ship as a stowaway. Astrid and the Doctor team up to save the ship, which sadly results in the waitress sacrificing her life to save everyone.

The episode was watched by 13.31 million viewers, making it the second most-watched programme of 2007, beaten only by the Christmas episode of the soap 'EastEnders'. Critics both praised and criticised Minogue's performance, with some describing her "blank and insipid", and others commenting that her character's death was "'Doctor Who's' all-time greatest death scene."

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