The Hebrew Bible - known also as the Tanakh - forms the holy book for both Judaism and Christianity. It forms the Christian Old Testament along with the Apocrypha, which have originally been written in Koine Greek. The language is Hebrew, with some parts being in Aramaic.

The first book in the Hebrew Bible is the First Book of Moses, which is known in the Hebrew by name 'Bereshit' ("In the beginning"), בְּרֵאשִׁית by its first word. The five books of Moses form together the Torah, or Pentateuch, "five tomes".

The oldest surviving Hebrew Bible canon is from the 1st century AD. The Greek language canon Septuaginta is older (from 3rd century), but is is known to be a translation from lost Hebrew originals.

The Septuaginta is considered canonical by the Orthodox Church, but other Christian denominations base their translations on the Hebrew Bible as the authority.

Qoheleth is the book of Ecclesiastes. "Genesis" is the Latinized Greek name for 1st Moses, while "Exodus" is the Latinized Greek name for the 2nd Moses

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