The Chicken Church is another name for the 'Church By The Sea'. It's located at Madeira Beach, Tampa Bay, Florida. A central feature of this church is the Spanish-style tower with circular windows and a 25-foot mast and beacon, (making it the tallest local structure at the time it was built). The light atop the church tower, which has since been replaced with a lighted cross, served as a nautical landmark to guide boats safely home. It also served to illuminate the tower’s unintended feature: that it happens to resemble a giant chicken from multiple points of view.

With two porthole windows that look like eyes set just above four small red tile awnings that look like a beak, two wings, and a tail, the architecture of the nondenominational church in the city of Madeira Beach uncannily resembles a cartoon chicken.

Today the nondenominational church remains a landmark and a hub of community life. A series of impressive stained glass windows blend religious iconography with images of the ocean and seabirds. And while the congregation may seek to downplay the tower’s resemblance to a chicken, no one can argue that it brings people out to visit the church.

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