The reason they walk comes down to how they are cultivated. Bananas for human consumption are all clones of a single plant selectively bred to produce the delicious yellow berry (bananas are considered type of berry). The plants are grown asexually from offshoots of the plant. Generally, there are two shoots at any one time, one that is used immediately and one that will yield bananas in 7 months time. As the shoots grow along the ground rather than downwards, the pseudostem that produces the bananas can move slightly over the years. Thus the “walking”. Banana plants walk up to 40 centimeters in a lifetime.

Bananas grow pointing upwards, not downwards. Botanically speaking the banana is a berry, and it grows on a plant that's a herb (not a tree). Each banana plant produces only one ‘bunch’ of bananas and then dies. However, that bunch may weigh up to 50 kilos.

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