The causa limeña, also called “a la limeña”, is one of the starters that is never lacking on a Peruvian table. This recipe is made with yellow potatoes (though you can also use other types of potatoes) a touch of yellow chili, and lemon or olives, among other ingredients.

Mashed potatoes with mayonnaise, avocados and limes give this dish a fresh flavor. Add in the famous yellow pepper from Peru and you’ve got a side dish that shines. It’s the perfect starter or large snack and the recipe is easy to make.

In ancient Peru, it was prepared with yellow potatoes, which have a soft texture, and kneaded with crushed chilli peppers, although it can also be made with any other variety of potato. During the Viceroyalty era, between the 16th and 19th centuries, lemon (originally from Asia) was added, reaching the modern form, in both the ingredients and the presentation.

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