Cologne/Bonn Airport is the international airport of Germany's fourth-largest city Cologne, and also serves Bonn, former capital of West Germany. It is named after Konrad Adenauer, a Cologne native and the first post-war Chancellor of West Germany.

Konrad Hermann Joseph Adenauer (1876 – 1967) was a German statesman who served as the first Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany) from 1949 to 1963. He was co-founder and first leader of the Christian Democratic Union. He played a major role in rebuilding the nation from the ruins of WW II. He was often referred to as the "Der Alte" ("the old man"), and was in his seventies when he was elected as the Chancellor.

Under his leadership and guidance, Germany became a democracy and achieved stability and economic prosperity. He also became famous for forging close relations with former German enemy nations and for re-establishing the position of Germany on the international stage. A qualified lawyer, he was interested in politics from a young age and was active in the Cologne city council, soon becoming the Mayor for Cologne.

He was a strong opponent of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party and he was imprisoned for 2 days in 1934. He was also imprisoned in 1944 and accused of being involved in the July Plot. He was released from an internment camp at Brauweiler in 1944. After the war he was elected as the first Chancellor and in this position he played a pivotal role in the country’s reconstruction.

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