De Telegraaf (English: The Telegraph) is the largest Dutch daily morning newspaper. The paper edition had a daily circulation of 430,686 in 2015. Paul Jansen has been the editor-in-chief since August 2015.

De Telegraaf was founded by Henry Tindal, who simultaneously started another paper De Courant ("The Gazette"). The first issue appeared on 1 January 1893. Following Tindal's death on 31 January 1902 the printer HMC Holdert, with backing from financiers, took over De Telegraaf and De Courant on 12 September 1902. This proved to be a good investment, particularly with regard to De Courant, enabling Holdert between 1903 and 1923 to take over one newspaper after another, suspending publication as he went.

In the period of 1995–1996 De Telegraaf had a circulation of 760,000 copies, making it the best-selling paper in the country. In 1999, the circulation of the paper was 808,000 copies, making it the ninth best selling European newspaper. It was the eighth top European newspaper with a circulation of 807,000 copies in 2001.

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