Cary Grant never actually said that phrase “Judy, Judy, Judy” as a scripted line in any film that he made in Hollywood. Peter Bogdanovich, an American director, writer, actor, producer, critic and film historian told an audience that the genesis of the imitation came from Grant's delivery in several lines in Only Angels Have Wings. In this film Grant's former girl friend is called Judith or Judy (played by Rita Hayworth). Grant (Geoff Carter) has lines like "Hello, Judy. Come on, Judy. Now, Judy." But, he never said "Judy, Judy, Judy."

In several subsequent interviews with Grant, he expressed his bemusement over the phrase. In the 1980s, he said he thought "it started with a celebrity impersonator by the name of Larry Storch. He apparently was appearing in a nightclub and doing me when Judy Garland walked in. And, that's how he greeted her." Now, this phrase is a beloved movie line that was never spoken in a movie.

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