James Joseph Gandolfini Jr. was an American actor best known for his role as 'Tony Soprano' and several other movie roles. John Joseph Travolta is an American actor, film producer, dancer, and singer. Gandolfini and Travolta have performed in five movies together.

In 1995, they both co-starred in the movie 'Get Shorty'. It's about a mobster who travels to Hollywood to collect a debt, and discovers that the movie business is much the same as his current job.

In 1997, they both appeared in 'She's So Lovely', another crime story. After being released from a psychiatric institution, a man tries to redeem himself in the eyes of his now-ex wife.

In 1998, they did another movie called 'A Civil Action'. It is a fact-based American legal drama film starring John Travolta, James Gandolfini, and Robert Duvall.

In 2006, Travolta and Gandolfini did 'Lonely Hearts'. Based on the true story, they played a pair of homicide detectives tracking Martha Beck and Raymond Martinez Fernandez, a murderous pair known as the "Lonely Hearts Killers" from the 1940's.

Their last movie together was the remake of 'The Taking of Pelham 123' in 2009. The film is about a train dispatcher who must play the role of negotiator after a criminal takes a subway car of passengers hostage.

Gandolfini's famous series, 'The Sopranos' ran from 1999-2007. The two were very close friends off screen. Gandolfini passed away on June 19, 2013 in Rome, Italy. Travolta is currently semi-retired as of 2019.

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