There are five teams in the NFL that have mascots who are bird representations. The five teams are the Seattle Seahawks, Baltimore Ravens, Arizona Cardinals, Philadelphia Eagles and Atlanta Falcons. Freddie Falcon is the official mascot of the NFL's Atlanta Falcons. He was Atlanta, Georgia's first mascot and has entertained fans for more than 35 years. Freddie is a caricature of a falcon. One of the most notable names for a mascot is Swoop. Swoop is the official name used by the NFL's Philadelphia Eagles. Swoop is an eagle-like figure. Big Red is the mascot of the Arizona Cardinals of the NFL. According to his official biography, he "hatched" on October 4, 1998. Big Red is a red cardinal-like figure. Poe is the mascot of the Baltimore Ravens of the NFL. He is named after the famous writer and Baltimore, Maryland resident, Edgar Allan Poe. The fifth mascot, Blitz is the official mascot of the Seattle Seahawks, NFL. Blitz is a large blue bird, and he made his debut on September 13, 1998 at the Seahawks' home opener at the Kingdome in Seattle, Washington. Blitz is now best known for jumping off the roof of CenturyLink Field, the current home of the Seahawks.

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