William Stanley Milligan was the first person in the history of the USA the court found innocent of serious crimes because of the defendant's mental disorder in the form of his multiple personalities.

Billy Milligan was born in 1955 in Ohio to Dorothy Milligan and Johnny Morrison. The unwed couple had three children and did not create a good environment for their little family. Johnny drank a lot, was in gambling debt, suffered from severe depression and had at least one failed suicide attempt before completing the task with a vehicle and a closed garage.

Dorothy Milligan moved with her children to Miami and went through a number of different men who were abusive and neglectful to her and her children. To deal with a traumatic early life, Billy started fractioning his mind into different personalities as early as five years old. By the time Milligan was on trial, he was housing 24 vastly different people in his mind. All with different names, ages, accents, interests, sexualities, roles, as well as their own mental and physical disabilities (such as dyslexia and deafness).

By the time 1975 came around, Billy was arrested for multiple accounts of rape and armed robbery. One of his four rape victims commented that Billy not only acted as lesbian female, but a child as well. He was captured due to witnesses and fingerprints left at almost every scene of his crimes.

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