Alaska became the 49th American state only on the 3rd of January, 1959. It had to experience a lot of administrative changes after the 1867 purchase: for example, it earned the status of the territory only in May 1912. Anyway, nowadays Alaska is a unique American place known worldwide. It is a visited tourist destination, considered quite exotic not only by foreigners, but by the Americans as well. A lot of myths about America stealing Alaska from Russia exist nowadays, but, in fact, this purchase was nothing but an honest deal.

The territory was purchased by the United States for $7,200,000. Secretary of State William H. Seward proposed and negotiated the purchase. Russia wanted to sell its Alaskan territory, fearing that it might be seized if war broke out with the United Kingdom. The land added 586,412 square miles (1,518,800 km2) of new territory to the United States.

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