Jean-Pierre [François] Blanchard (July 4, 1753 – March 7, 1809) was a French inventor, best known as a pioneer in balloon flight.

On February 20, 1808, Blanchard had a heart attack while in his balloon at the Hague. He fell from his balloon and died roughly a year later (March 7, 1809) from his severe injuries.

Blanchard made his first successful balloon flight in Paris on March 2, 1784, in a hydrogen balloon launched from the Champ de Mars. This early flight was conducted during the peak of the early balloon craze in France.

On 9 January 1793, Blanchard conducted the first balloon flight in the Americas. He launched his balloon from the prison yard of Walnut Street Jail in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and landed in Deptford, Gloucester County, New Jersey. One of the flight's witnesses that day was President George Washington, and the future presidents John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and James Monroe who were also present.

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