Xenon (Xe) is a chemical element with atomic number 54, found in Earth's atmosphere in trace amounts. The noble gases of group 18 of the periodic table are generally unreactive elements.

The first published report of noble gas compound was done by the chemist Neil Bartlett (15 September 1932- 5 August 2008) whose main speciality was the chemistry of fluorine and of compounds containing fluorine.

In 1962, Bartlett prepared the first noble gas compound, 'Xenon hexafluoplatinate' or Xe+(PtXe6)- (Platinum=Pt, Xenon=Xe). He subsequently produced and reproduced several other flurides of Xe: XeF2, XeF4, and XeF6. By exploiting solvent and basic properties of XeF6, Bartlett was able to prepare the first quinquevalent gold compound, Xe2F11+AuF6- (Au=gold, F=flurine).

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