"Granma", the official newspaper of the Cuban Communist party, and so, de facto, a widely read newspaper in the country, was first published in 1965, following the merger of two other newspapers.

In fact, it takes its name from the yacht that carried Fidel Castro (1926-2016) and his associates to Cuba in 1956 at the start of the Revolution. It means exactly what it appears to!

Although politics and propaganda have always featured prominently in the newspaper, in recent years, following political reforms in Cuba, it has become more diverse, and as well as, within limits, allowing for a degree of discussion, has also featured articles on sport and the arts, though it tends to be focused on the capital, Havana, rather than the country in general.

In 1996, the paper opened its own website (the first media-related website in Cuba) and it also publishes various foreign languages editions. Its current (2019) editor is Pelayo Terry, and one of its employees, Marta Rojas, has worked for it from the very beginning.

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