In Indonesia as in many Asian countries, one can buy street food readily and cheaply, often from carts which ply the streets.

Indonesian street food is colloquially called kaki lima or "five-feet". One source describes five feet as "five foot way pedestrian pavements along the street" being a reference to an architectural structure with covered walkway and serves as a pavement seen in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

A more accurate and simple explanation might be to describe it as follows:

kaki = feet

lima = five

The cart is pulled by a human, the cart having two wheels plus a stand at the front for balance when stationary. Add to this the human's legs. Thus we have the "five feet" - 2 wheels,1 stand, 2 legs.

These simple carts are not only used to transport street food. One can also see ice sellers, brush and broom sellers and hawkers with small laundry needs transporting their wares door-to-door on a kaki lima.

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