The Norse god Odin is typically portrayed as having only one eye. The myths which explain this state that it is the result of his pursuit of knowledge, which leds him to sacrifice his right eye to gain cosmic knowledge from the mythical well of Mimir. Odin is the father of the gods and is commonly referred to as the All-father, and the King of Asgard. He is primarily associated with war and battle, the pursuit of wisdom and knowledge, healing, sorcery and above all royalty.

The myth is mainly concerned with the price of wisdom, and what an individual will pay to gain what they desire. In drinking the waters of Mimir’s Well, Odin is able to see more with one eye than he did previously with two. It establishes Odin’s great desire for wisdom and knowledge, and also emphasises that the greater the sacrifice, the greater the reward.

Mímir (Old Norse "The rememberer, the wise one") or Mimir is a figure in Norse mythology, renowned for his knowledge and wisdom.

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