In the American film "The Bad Batch" (2016) a young woman named Arlen, played by English model, singer, and actress Alice Suki Waterhouse (born 5 January 1992), is exiled to a desert outside Texas, where people deemed undesirable by society (the "bad batch") are forced to fend for themselves. A sign declares the area outside of the US and that American laws and citizenship no longer apply.

Arlen is soon kidnapped by two women in a golf cart. When she wakes chained up, a woman cuts off her right arm and leg. Arlen tricks the woman into unchaining her, kills her, observes cannibalism of human limbs, and escapes crawling on a skateboard. She is rescued in the desert by Canadian actor, comedian, writer, and producer Jim Carrey (born January 17, 1962) who makes several small but amazing cameo appearances as a mute hermit.

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