'Biggles' is a series of children's adventure books written by W. E. Johns. The series contains around 100 books about James Bigglesworth "Biggles", a pilot and adventurer. Biggles first appeared in 'The White Fokker', published in the first issue of 'Popular Flying' magazine in 1932. Later that year, a selection of stories were published in a book called 'The Camels are Coming'.

Ginger Hebblethwaite, a teenage runaway, first appeared in 'The Black Peril' (1935). His real first name was never revealed but Biggles immediately nicknamed him "Ginger" because of his red hair. Ginger had run away from home because he wanted to become a pilot.

Biggles lied about his age to serve as a fighter pilot in the Royal Flying Corps (RFC) during the First World War when he was only 16. Since the war, Biggles occasionally completed secret missions, often accompanied by his cousin Algernon ('Algy') Lacey and his mechanic, Flight Sergeant Smyth.

Ginger joined Biggles on his adventures and proved his worth by rescuing the pilot from some enemy agents. After this, Ginger became one of the regular team and was often Biggles's chosen companion. He also became a talented mechanic.

William Earl Johns (1893-1968) was an English First World War pilot, who wrote the 'Biggles' adventure stories under the pen name Capt. W. E. Johns. Some of the stories were loosely based on his experiences as a pilot.

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