In the 1958 film "Bell, Book and Candle", the name of Kim Novak's cat is Pyewacket (Houdini). This cat is a Siamese cat and familiar being used by Novak as Gillian "Gil" Holroyd. Pyewacket shall be used by Gil to cast a love spell on James Stewart as Shepherd "Shep" Henderson, who becomes immediately enamoured with Gillian.

The film "Bell, Book and Candle" is set in the late 1950s. Gillian Holroyd (Novak) is a modern-day witch living in New York City's Greenwich Village. When she encounters charming publisher Shepherd Henderson (Stewart), she decides to make him hers. Using a love spell with her cat, Pyewacket, Gillian takes great and added pleasure in getting Shep to do what she wants. Shep is the guy who is engaged to Gil's old college rival Merle Kittridge (Janice Rule). However, when Gillian finds herself actually falling for Shepherd, this circumstance poses a real problem. Gillian will lose her powers if she falls in love.

While Gil is doing various things to control Shep and his life, Pyewacket will refuse to be involved in Gillian's attempts to cast a spell on Merle. Pyewacket feels the need to run away.

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