In the movie "Wall Street" (1987) the line, "Blue Horseshoe loves Anacott Steel," was the code that Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) had Bud Fox (Charlie Sheen) use for insider trading.

Here the men were talking about the real estate market. They were directly using insider knowledge to deal with high risk situations. They sought to work with a part of the market cycle where investing was really picking up; there was a very big avalanche of new money chasing real estate products. The savvy investors with excellent (insider) market knowledge were making smart buys. Silly money investors were bidding up so called “core” assets defined as 90% or greater which were leased and in class 'A' condition.

Also Bud used the code to refer to several Atlanta media outlets. The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported on Campanile, a 20 story iconic office tower built to house the corporate headquarters of BellSouth. It appeared to be under contract for $78 a foot (the last owner, who lost the building in foreclosure, paid $223 a foot). Gordon, Bud and others had worked on warehouse deals that cost more than that.

Campanile in this instance was an example of a series of stunning nationwide deals that would be made in the coming months by Gordon and Bud as smart and well capitalized investors.

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