"Goodbye, Mr. Chips" is a novella about the life of a school teacher, Mr. Chipping, written by English writer James Hilton and first published by Hodder & Stoughton in October 1934. It has been adapted into two feature films and two television presentations.

The story was originally issued in 1933, as a supplement to the 'British Weekly', an evangelical newspaper. It came to prominence when it was reprinted as the lead piece of the April 1934 issue of 'The Atlantic'. The success of the 'Atlantic Monthly' publication prompted a book deal between the author and the US publisher Little, Brown and Company, who published the story in book form for the first time in June 1934.

Public demand for more was immediate and Little, Brown and Company, went into an almost immediate reprinting the same month. Public demand remained strong, and Little, Brown continued to reprint the book in cautious lots for many months, with at least two reprintings per month.

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