In 1920, George Halas was employed by a company called A.E. Staley Mfg. In Decatur IL. He started a football team called the Decatur Staleys. The following year, the team moved to Chicago but remained the Staleys. In 1922, Halas changed the name to the Chicago Bears, and the Bears were one of the original teams in the National Football League. For the first few years, Halas was not only the owner and the coach of the team, he was also a player. When he quit playing he remained as a coach. The Bears have had a bumpy road through the years although they have had many star players including Walter Payton. The movie "Brian's Song" was about 2 outstanding Bears, Brian Piccolo, and Gayle Sayers who were the first African American and white players to share hotel rooms on the road, because it had always been the team policy that players who played the same position would share rooms. Through the years, the Bears have had their ups and downs but they have always fought hard and have had the reputation of having one of the toughest defenses in the NFL. Today, the Chicago Bears are still owned by George Halas' daughter and her son.

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