Michael Derek Elworthy Jarman (31 January 1942 – 19 February 1994) was an English film director, stage designer, diarist, artist, gardener, and author.

Jarman's first films were experimental Super 8mm shorts, a form he never entirely abandoned, and later developed further in his films "Imagining October" (1984), "The Angelic Conversation" (1985), "The Last of England" (1987) and "The Garden" (1990) as a parallel to his narrative work. "The Garden" was entered into the 17th Moscow International Film Festival. "The Angelic Conversation" featured Toby Mott and other members of the Grey Organisation, a radical artist collective.

On 22 December 1986, Jarman was diagnosed as HIV positive and discussed his condition in public. His illness prompted him to move to Prospect Cottage, Dungeness in Kent, near the nuclear power station. In 1994, he died of an AIDS-related illness in London, aged 52. He was an atheist. He is buried in the graveyard at St Clement's Church, Old Romney, Kent.

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