Сreated in 1997, the work known as “Zavěšený muž” (“Man Hanging Out”) is the vision of Czech sculptor David Černý, whose work can actually be found all across Prague.

The creation “Hanging Man” portrays a 220-centimetre Sigmund Freud hanging by one hand onto a roof, perhaps hinting at man’s hopelessness and powerlessness in the modern world or on the other hand, highlighting the possibility of the man saving his life by pulling himself back onto the roof. The sculpture hung on Prague’s Husova Street and found its way to the Stockholm Museum of Modern Art during 1999. In 2007 it was exhibited in Chicago and in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where bystanders, convinced it was a suicide, summoned firemen to the scene. During 2009, while on exhibition at the Seoul National University Museum of Art in South Korea, it was mistaken for suicide again, prompting emergency personnel to hurry to the rescue.

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