In the 1991 film "Hook", Julia Roberts plays Tinkerbell in this film. In the movie when his young children are abducted by his old nemesis, Captain Hook (Dustin Hoffman), middle-aged lawyer Peter Banning (Robin Williams) returns to his magical origins as Peter Pan. As Peter, he must revisit a foggy past in which he abandoned Neverland for family life. When he left, Tinkerbell (Roberts) and the Lost Boys had to fend for themselves. Given their bitterness toward Peter for growing up -- and their allegiance to their new leader, Rufio -- the old gang is not happy to see Peter return.

"Hook" is a fantasy adventure film which was directed by Steven Spielberg. It was written by James V. Hart and Malia Scotch Marmo. The film's producers are Kathleen Kennedy, Frank Marshall, and Gerald R. Molen. Stars include: Williams, Hoffman, Roberts, Bob Hoskins, and Maggie Smith.

In the 1980s, Spielberg began developing the film at Walt Disney Productions and Paramount Pictures. Spielberg followed the storyline used in the 1924 silent film and 1953 animated Disney film. "Hook" entered pre-production in 1985, and Spielberg later abandoned the project. It would be 1989 before Spielberg would decide to return and direct. "Hook" was then shot almost entirely on sound stages at Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City, CA.

Released in December 1991, "Hook" got very mixed reviews. This did not however stop it from becoming a commercial success. Later it would gained a strong cult following.

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