The World Computer Chess Championship (WCCC) is an annual event organized by the International Computer Games Association (ICGA), where computer chess engines compete against each other. The World Computer Chess Championship was created and organized by David Levy, Ben Mittman and Monroe Newborn in 1974, as suggested by the Soviet programmers of Kaissa. Since 1977 the WCCC was organized by the ICCA, which was founded 1977 in Toronto.

The Champion is awarded with the Shannon Trophy.

In August 1974 the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) held the first large-scale international chess tournament for chess computers. The event was held in Stockholm and lasted 4 rounds and 4 days. The tournament director was International Master David Levy. Kaissa won the first World Computer Chess Championship in Stockholm. Thirteen computers from eight nations participated in the first world computer chess championship. Kaissa had the largest book of stored openings (10,000 positions) than any other competing program

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