"Larceny" is a 1948 American film noir crime film that was directed by George Sherman and stars John Payne, Joan Caulfield, Dan Duryea and Shelley Winters. It was produced by Leonard Goldstein. the screenplay was written by William Bowers,

Louis Morheim, and Herbert H. Margolis, based on the novel "The Velvet Fleece" by Lois Eby and John Fleming.

In the film, "The Old Confidence" game trick, the attempt to defraud a person after first gaining their trust, is employed. Con man Rick Maxon (Payne) tries to swindle war widow Deborah (Caulfield) into giving up her savings for a non-existent memorial. When Rick falls in love with Deborah, he has pangs of remorse. He then must contend with his gang boss, Silky (Duryea) and his tough-as-nails girlfriend, Tory (Winters), who has become enamored with Rick but is Silky's girl.

Overall, this is a film that found success with the public and film critics. Some said, "The plot idea could easily have been perfunctory, especially given the way the plot code dictated the ending. However the script was a superb one."

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