During the time that Ellis Island operated from 1892 until 1954, more than 12 million immigrants were processed through this site to enter the United States. In 1907, alone, 1,004,756 individuals entered the United States.

Some of the factors contributing to the massive number of immigrants in 1907 included a strong domestic economy in the United States and ‘pogram outbreaks’ of violence against Jews in the Russian Empire, according to associate professor of history Vincent Cannato at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. He is the author of ‘American Passage: The History of Ellis Island’.

In 1907, the individuals included mostly immigrants from Europe, with Italians comprising the largest number. A passenger manifest document, written in script, was created from the point of departure, which included each passenger’s name, age, occupation, destination and other information.

In 1907, no passports or visas were needed to enter the country; in fact no papers were required at all. This was described as a paperless period. “All you had to do was verbally give information to the official when you boarded a ship in Europe and that information was the only information used when they arrived”.

Ellis Island is located in the New York Harbor at the mouth of the Hudson River between the states of New York and New Jersey.

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