The Boston in question is a town in Lincolnshire in Eastern England, about 160 km (100 miles) from London.

Especially as the town is situated in the flat fenland country, the eccentrically shaped tower, standing 83 metres or 272 feet high can be seen from many miles away and has served as a kind of landlocked lighthouse, giving warning to shipping in the North Sea.

The nickname of the "Stump" is not a recent confection of the tourist office, but dates back to its its construction, which was begun in the early 14th century, although it was not completed until the 16th century. Some like to believe it was built on the site of an earlier church constructed by St Botolph himself in the 7th century, but as this is based on a report in the somewhat contentious "Anglo Saxon Chronicle" it appears to be unlikely, especially as it is now generally believed that the saint lived in Suffolk.

Lying as it does on a flood plain, the church has often needed restoration, and the most recent one is still (2019) ongoing.

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